The last phase of the conquest of America, the conquest of the jungle areas

PhD. Alicia Dussán de Reichel 1965.

Defending biodiversity in the Sierra Nevada del Caribe, as we like to call the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Colombia, gives the opportunity to discover an authentic non-acculturated pre-Hispanic community that still exists, to assess its coherence to learn from its knowledge while respecting its laws . In this context, the Nativa Foundation together with the Kággaba or Kogi promote: The use of the fique backpack ( Furcraea andina , William Trelease 1808), the consumption of guáimaro nuts   and the repopulation of the tree that produces them ( Brosimum alicastrum, Swats 1778) together with the walnut   kanzhí ( Metteniusa edulis, Karst 1860) an endemic tree of the Sierra very important for the nourishment of the community in the ancient past and in the present of the kággaba who live in the cold climate, as the basis for the inspiration of a socio- cultural model. economic-healthy to confront the premature extinction of biodiversity, climate change and the thinking that is causing it.


Cryptobatrachus boulengeri
Anolis sp.
Atelopus sp.
Atta sp.
Atta sp.
Pipra erythrocephala
Rhinella marina
Sciurus granatensis
Ikakogui tayrona
Bolitoglossa sp.
Steatornis caripensis
Hypsiboas crepitans
Atelopus sp.
Colostethus ruthveni
Phaethornis anthophilus
Ikakogi tairona
Atta sp.
Niños kággabas
Atta sp.
Psychotria sp.
Dendrobates truncatus
Dendrophidion dendrophis

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Ethnic origin

The kanzhí
"Tree of origin"

Live a learning about the essentials, be part of the defense of biodiversity in the territory of the Kággaba or Kogi and of the tapir, tapir or bitcha in the Sierra Nevada del Caribe.


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afiche el hombre de las serpientes -2014
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